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We are NOT cheap but we are inexpensive! We will give you first class hosting for a fraction of the price! with yearly web hosting plans starting at £33.99!!!! That's only £2.91 per month!

Theres also a Silver account which offers more facilities like bigger bandwidth for £54.99. BUT, if you need all the bells and whistles go for a gold account for £74.99 per year.

Personal Service

Are you tired of being sent to a customer service department in rural India just to ask a simple question about your hosting account? All of our advisors are based within the UK. We are a small dedicated team offering a BIG customer service promise.

New Pay Monthly Option.
responding to the current credit crunch we have decided to introduce a new monthly payment option (paypal only), the service adds 25% to your yearly bill but gives you an easier way to pay.

When we first got into the web design business in 2004, things were a lot different! Back then, we charged big bucks and made artistic masterpieces to showcase our clients' work. They were happy, we were happy but things have drastically changed now. Nobody has money to simply throw away now so today’s web sites are a different animal all together. Folks are used to interactive services now and they want their web sites to seamlessly link with their favourite social networking sites like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. In day's gone by, they were happy to let their sites sit there like an ornament on a shelf. Like “who cares whether people are hitting them or not”? Not today! They want their site optimised for all Search Engines with video and interactivity thrown in as standard.

People want their sites to talk back to them, to give them information about the clients that are visiting them, when, how long, which pages? They want to be able to sell their products and services online with standard secure payment engines like PayPal and Google checkout. They want all of this, without a heavy price tag and you know what? They are right! For ten years now we've heard our clients telling us to make it cheaper and more efficient, saying things like this: “People are tired of paying big bucks now, after all, isn't the Internet supposed to be all about saving money and increasing productivity without the costs”?

So along came “The blog”, with its innate ability to propel the basic web site newbie to master builder status in a couple of online minutes. WordPress Blogs are indeed the world conquering, SEO friendly undisputed Champion of web content delivery. With an arsenal of growing developers, App's and freebies, they offer themselves as a genuine cheap and practical alternative for those who want to self build. At first, designers like us were afraid, VERY AFRAID, then the real truth dawned on a few of us.

As great as blog's can be, in our opinion, they have one single drawback. There are some really cool blog's out there but even the best ones look like they were designed in five minutes and therefore lack the presence and kudos of a professionally designed web site.

The Golden rule of every business is: The customer is King. Call him Sir. You make the rules, we abide by them, you call the shots and we give you what you want.

The general consensus today, is that the Internet developers market really needs to evolve into something that sits just between the two worlds of blogging and webbing. Ideally, a fairly priced design service offering the best of both worlds.

This opinion, has heralded the generation of a new kind of company, experienced in the field of classic web design whist unafraid of embracing new and interactive free technologies available across the market today. is such a business..

As you can see, our design quality meets with the very highest standards. Our pricing is almost unbelievable! And our converged web/blog building process is completely unique.

Consequently, we have developed the “ComboBlog” (like this site), which has a fully featured bespoke CSS web site front end with the complete back end functionality of a wordpress blog.

We have developed the best of both worlds and packaged it for you. Comparatively speaking, in a very real sense we are giving you the functionality of a much more expensive Content Delivered type solution at a fraction of the cost.

We design, build and host the “ComboBlogs”' on our own Ghost247 servers, which are triple backed by the world famous Hostgator platform.

Support is online 24 hours a day in the form of a video support portal, ready to answer your every query. The simple fact is, companies worldwide have made their choice. They want blog's and simplicity, not geek's and complexity. They want great design and functional excellence. Finally, when it's all said and done, they don't want to have to chase their designers about to make a few changes to the about us page with a hefty bill to follow.

If you want to know more about "COMBOBLOGS" from Ghost247 call us today.

Telephone 01933 426 354 and ask for Alexander.

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